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The Stinger is T.R.U. Balls #1 release. Pull trigger to open, let up to close... that simple. Rigid rod keeps the 1/2" sized ergonomic head closed and ready.

This TRU Ball® release aid is built extra tough with CNC-machined knurling for added grip! Pull trigger to open, let up to close. Independent dual caliper jaws aren’t attached like other caliper release aids that torque the bowstring and cause inaccurate arrow flight. Rigid rod keeps the trigger close and ready, but can be folded 180 degrees to tuck away into a sleeve. You’ve worked hard to take the shot, make it count with the TRU Ball® Stinger XT Buckle! Featuring a new spin on our number 1 selling T.R.U. BALL® release!

T.R.U Ball Stinger Release

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