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Ken Deadmarsh

New Owner

Ken Deadmarsh is the proud new owner of Hardcore Archery and Hunting. Ken began archery and hunting as a youth, and is excited to be able to share his passion of archery and hunting with his customers. 

Ken was trained as a Level 1 and NASP coach by the founder and previous owner of Hardcore Archery, Ken Garwasiuk, and is also a CORE instructor. 

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Chuck Land

Product Manager/Trainer/Bow Tech

Chuck began in archery some thirty or so years ago and, like many who take up the sport, became addicted. He has been blessed with success at the national as well as world level competition in the past. In addition, he has been working and training actors such as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and many others. Steve Austin’s new film “Hunt to Kill” is scheduled for release fall 2010. Chuck is a Level 3 Coach (Canada), Level 4 Master Coach (USA), FCA Master Learning Facilitator, CAC Multi-Sport Learning Facilitator, NASP Certified Instructor, FITA National Judge C, Prime Shooting Staff member, Technical Vice President BCAA, and High-Performance Coach Archery  Canada. With his strong National and International competitive background in target, 3-D and Field archery, it is Chucks goal to bring this knowledge to all through his association with Hardcore Archery!


Barry Marciski

Archery Coach

Barry has been a passionate archer for twenty-five years. He was also the head instructor at Kelowna Fish & Game Club, and is a Certified Intermediate F.C.A Archery Coach. Barry brings personable experience working part time with Hardcore Archery, while being an avid outdoorsmen and hunter. He takes great pride in seeing success among new archers.

Staff Shooters

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