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The Conservation Outdoor Recreation Program (CORE) is required for B.C. residents, 14 years or over, who wish to obtain a B.C. resident hunter number card, and a first B.C. resident hunting license. It is offered through a partenrship agreement with the Ministry of Environment and the BCWF. Please contact us for contact information for a certified CORE instructor or examiner.
1- Take the CORE course in person with a certified CORE examiner or self study through the BCWF Online CORE course or the CORE manual.
2- Take and pass the CORE exams with a certifies examiner. 
3- Submit your test results to the BCWF to receive your CORE graduation certificate; Mail or deliver to the B.C. Wildlife Federation Office
4- Use your CORE certificate to apply for your FWID in person from Service BC or FrontCounter BC, or at BC Hunting Online
5- Buy hunting licences. 
To possess or purchase firearms. you need to take the Canadian Firearms Safetly Courseand apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence PAL though the Canadian Firearms Program/RCMP. 

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