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The Cross-Stix shooting rest is one of the most innovative ways to enhance your accuracy. Tri-flip feet allow you to convert your monopod into a versatile tripod shooting rest in seconds. Doubling as a walking stick, the Cross-Stix is the most adaptable shooting system on the market. The low profile rest is specifically designed not to interfere with the crossbow’s string travel The three-section aluminium alloy legs come equipped with durable and fully adjustable flip locks, maximizing the Cross-Stix’s load capacity. Ball joint technology enables vertical and horizontal positioning, reducing body movement and making shot transitions easier than ever. A soft, non-slip foam handle will provide optimal fit and feel in any weather conditions. Specifically designed for crossbows but will easily work with firearms and adaptable to camera mounts.

Quickly stabilize your shot on the move, in a treestand, or in tight spaces like a ground blind. Wherever your next hunting adventure takes you, the Cross-Stix is guaranteed to steady your shot.


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