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This 100 grain, 1- 7 /16″ cut broadhead is designed for the hunter who wants maximum velocity from their crossbow but refuses to accept less than outstanding accuracy. The X-Act broadhead’s “Clip Loc” blade control system holds blades securely during a crossbow’s explosive acceleration eliminating the need for “O-rings” or rubber bands, but deploying the blades reliably on impact.

Why Are We Selling Mechanical Broadheads?

We have added the X-ACT broadhead to our line to satisfy people who want the highest velocity possible. X-ACT’s 100 grain weight gives about 12 fps extra velocity over the 150 grain Boltcutter and they are extremely accurate. The X-ACT also incorporates technology that allows them to be used without rubber bands. Our testing failed to find a fixed blade broadhead which produced acceptable accuracy in the 100 grain or under class.


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