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Created by Hoyt to be the ultimate tool in a hunters arsenal. The principal behind the Torrex platform is reliability and self reliance. High adjustable, quality materials and a bow that will grow with you. The Torrex packages comes with Fuse Maxxis 4 Arrow Quiver, Fuse ProFire 5 pin sight, QUAD Drop Away rest, Hoyt Wrist Strap, and Fuse Flextorch 5" (5oz) Stabilizer.



  • FPS - 327
  • Colors: Camo, black limbs
  • Axle to Axle - 30.75"
  • Brace Height - 7"
  • 3.8 LBS
  • Draw Length - 26-30"
  • Draw Weight - 30-70lbs


As per manufacturer policy, this bow is only available for sale at our Pro Shop.  Please contact us.

HOYT Torrex Bow Package

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