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• Proven Striker broadhead design, made even better
• Same deadly performance of the Striker V2, with 33% more cutting surface
• G5’s first 4-blade broadhead
• 1-1/4" cutting diameter
• 100% steel ferrule with a bone-busting, cut-on-contact tip
• Machined to tighter tolerances to ensure true flight
• 4 sharp Lutz blades
• Anix Blade Locking System

G5’s first 4-blade broadhead, the G5® Striker X 4-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadhead offers bowhunters the same deadly performance of the Striker V2 with 33% more cutting surface. The latest upgrade on G5’s proven Striker broadhead design, the Striker X combines a sturdy design built for improved flight with a big 1-1/4" cutting diameter. The 100% machined steel ferrule is topped with a bone-busting, cut-on-contact tip. Locked in securely by G5’s Anix Blade Locking System, the 4 razor sharp Lutz blades hold fast through hide and bone to deliver devastation.
Cutting Diameter: 1-1/4"


G5 Striker X 100 Gr

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